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Bali Dive Education

dive bali tulambenTauch Terminal Bali was founded in the year 1994 and since then has grown to one of Indonesia's leading dive operators owning the Tauch Terminal Bali and the Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben a SSI Diamond Instructor Training Resort. This is only the second time in Indonesia this rating has been awarded for a dive facility.

For the Beginners
A bit of theory followed by an accompanied dive 1:1, which means 1 diving instructor is guiding 1 student. Minimum age : 10 years

SSI Try Scuba EUR 100.-
Theory Lesson, One Pool Dive / Confined Water Dive, One Open Water Dive One Instructor per Participant during the Open Water Dive
Be a Scuba Diver
This option is ideal for divers with limited time. 3 knowledge development sessions plus 3 confined open water dives followed by 2 open water dives. All this within 2 days in a very relaxed atmosphere and you are a certified Scuba Diver. As a SSI Scuba Diver you are eligible to dive with a Dive professional within a maximum depth of 12m/40 feet. Scuba Divers have 12 month to continue their training toward the Open Water Diver rating without retraining. This certification is valid and recognized worldwide. Minimum age: 10 years

SSI Scuba Diver «Worldwide Valid Certificate»
305,‐ € (1 participant), 205,‐ € (2 or more participants), 2 Days, Including Open Water Diver Book, Two Open Water Dives
Worldwide recognized Open Water Diver
This is a worldwide recognized dive certificate. Training includes modules of theory plus swimming pool sessions and 4 open water dives with exercises. The course duration is 4 days ( 2 days swimming pool, 2 days open water). Minimum age : 10 years.

SSI Open Water Diver «Worldwide Valid Certificate»
450,‐ € (1 participant), 340,‐ € (2 or more participants), 4 Days, Including Rental Open Water Diver Book, Four Open Water Dives
Advanced Adventurer Program

SSI Advanced Adventurer Program «Worldwide Valid Certificate»
235,‐ € (1 participant), 200,‐ € (2 or more participants), 5 Open Water Dives of 5 distincyive specialities
Stress & Rescue Diver
This is the first SSI course in which your attention is focused on helping other divers.
Every responsible diver should at least educate him/her self up to this level.
Minimum requirements: 15 years old, SSI OWD.

SSI Stress and Rescue
449,‐ € (1 participant), 349,‐ € (2 or more participants), 3-4 Days, Including Rental Rescue Book, 5 Training Dives

Go Professional
The first step to professionalism. The real diving job is best learned by working at a dive centre in an internship. After 7 weeks of hard but rewarding work you will get the full picture of working as a professional in the diving industry. You will participate as an assistant during SSI courses and guide divers during daytrips.
Minimum requirements: 18 years old, 60 logged dives, Rescue Diver or equal, Medic First Aid certificate or equal (not older than 2 years).

SSI Dive Control Specialist Price on Request
SSI React Right
Participate in our one day Emergency First Response course. It is a rewarding course not only for divers, EFR and CPR. It is requiered to be EFR certified to become a SSI Stress and rescue or Padi Rescue Diver.
Price on Request
DAN Oxygen Provider
Learn how to take care of a victim (diving or swimming) by using the life-saving oxygen properly.
Price on Request

Cntinue your dive adventure and become a
professional Dive Instructor with SSI-ITC!!!


bali ssi instructor training center

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