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lifeline diver safety system

Safety is always our first concern:

We of course have oxygen on each trip But also some binoculars for the boat crew
to search for dives, and most of all we are the 1st dive operator in Indonesia which uses
Nautilus Lifelines (A water prove radio) so the diver’s can communicate with the boat
crew as soon as the group surface.

Bali Dive & Snorkel Site - Blue Lagoon

bali dive & snorkel site blue lagoonThe Blue Lagoon is situated near Padang Bai's harbor only 5 boat minutes away. We will be diving both lagoons at either side of the harbor. The southern part of the reef drops vertically to 20 m and continues in a sandy area. The drop off is covered by stone- and soft coral. Many nudi branches and some flatworms can be found here. The underwater landscape is dominated by up to 4 m high growing soft coral where large spiny lobsters can be found.

When reaching the open water large schools of bat fish accompany the divers. On the northern side the dive starts in 3 to 5 m deep water. Either we will explore an interesting slope which drops to 30 m featuring plenty of 'fan' worms and feather stars, or we dive the sandy area while drifting between beautiful soft coral piles. At short distance a large stag horn coral field stretches 8 m of depth, accommodating oriental sweet lips, basslets and schoals of glass fish. Finally, the sandy area is replaced by stone coral fields. At the outer reef border, the current increases in strength, attracting white tip reef sharks, hunting for prey.

The Blue Lagoon
is actually a perfect spot to start your diving trip in Bali. The relaxed environment supports rusty divers who need to get used to diving again and who need a chance for buoyancy and equipment checks. Furthermore, the lagoon is an excellent site for snorkeling, discover scuba diving, swimming and sunbathing.

The Blue Lagoon at a glance
Characteristics: gently dropping slope
Visibility: 10-35 m
Current: none to strong
Coral growth: stone- and soft coral
Fish life: big variety of reef fish
Highlights: sharks