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lifeline diver safety system

Safety is always our first concern:

We of course have oxygen on each trip But also some binoculars for the boat crew
to search for dives, and most of all we are the 1st dive operator in Indonesia which uses
Nautilus Lifelines (A water prove radio) so the diver’s can communicate with the boat
crew as soon as the group surface.

Bali Dive Package Rates

bali diving & snorkeling amedPackage price on daytrip base:
Our prices for day trips are made up of 2 prices. The actual dive package and a transport package for each dive site.
The dive package includes tank weight and dive guide. Daily excursions include 2 dives per day.

Dive rates:
2 dives (1 day trip)              55 Euro
4 dives (2 day trips)         109 Euro
6 dives (3 day trips)         155 Euro
8 dives (4 day trips)         179 Euro
10 dives (5 day trips)       210 Euro
12 dives (6 day trips)       245 Euro

Add. day (2 dives) 38 Euro

Rental equipment available:

ABC 5 Euro per day
Regulator 5 Euro per day
BCD 5 Euro per day
Wetsuit 5 Euro per day

Full set rental equipment 15 Euro per day

The transfer package includes all transfers ( land and water) from the hotel to the dive site and back. All entrance fees and tickets. Lunch and soft drinks.
The prices are:

Blaue Lagoon 35 Euro
Shark Point 45 Euro
Nusa Penida   55 Euro
Manta Point 75 Euro
Amed 30 Euro
Menjangan Islandf 85 Euro
Tulamben 30 Euro

Calculation example‘s:

You want do one day trip to the ship wreck in Tulamben
1 dive package with 2 dives 55 Euro + 1 transport package Tulamben 30 Euro = 85 euro in total, in case you need rental equipment + 15 for one set per day.

You want do three day trip for example to the ship wreck in Tulamben, Blue lagoon and Manta Point
1 dive package with 6 dives 155 Euro + 1 transport package Tulamben 30 Euro, 1 transport package Blue Lagoon 35 Euro and 1 transport package Manta Point 75 Euro = 295 euro in total, in case you need rental equipment + 15 for one set per day.