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lifeline diver safety system

Safety is always our first concern:

We of course have oxygen on each trip But also some binoculars for the boat crew
to search for dives, and most of all we are the 1st dive operator in Indonesia which uses
Nautilus Lifelines (A water prove radio) so the diver’s can communicate with the boat
crew as soon as the group surface.

Bali Dive & Snorkel Site - Menjangan Island

dive bali tulambenNusa Menjangan is a 1,5 km long and 500 m wide island in the  north/west Bali national park. The Indonesian government has limited the daily allowance for divers. All dive sites are only a short boat trip away. Except the western part of the island coral growth starts in shallow water, stretching out for about 20 to 30 meters before suddenly dropping vertically to a depth of 30 meters.
The western end features a deep lagoon with a reef slope in a 45 degree angle. Currents at Nusa Menjangan are weak to moderate with the strongest currents present at the western lagoon. Therefore Menjangan is a perfect spot for beginners. Because of the beautifully grown lagoon, it is also an outstanding spot for snorkeling. Menjangan's underwater world surely deserves to be listed as one of the world's top dive sites. The result of a coral count (carried out by diving pioneer Jacques-Yves Cousteau) stated that on this small island alone features more coral species than the whole Caribbean!

Quite often you will encounter napoleon fish, turtles, bump head parrotfish and grouper. In deeper water you may encounter white tip- and black tip reef sharks with a max. length of 1,5 m and barracuda. Lucky divers will find eagle rays, sunfish and even whale sharks. Lots of small but interesting creatures are permanent residents to keep you busy in case the big guys are 'having a day off' :-)

Menjangan is one of our most recommended dive sites!

bali fishing boat jukungNusa Menjangan at a glance
Reef characteristics: Drop off
Visibility: 15 - 50 m
Current: none to moderate
Coral growth: absolutely perfect
Marine life: many varieties of small fish, occasionally big fish
Highlights: turtles, coral growth