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lifeline diver safety system

Safety is always our first concern:

We of course have oxygen on each trip But also some binoculars for the boat crew
to search for dives, and most of all we are the 1st dive operator in Indonesia which uses
Nautilus Lifelines (A water prove radio) so the diver’s can communicate with the boat
crew as soon as the group surface.

Bali Dive Site - Gili Biaha Lipha

dive bali tulambenGili Biaha / Lipha.We will leave the harbor of Padangbai with destination Candidasa. After a 30 minute boat trip by our 12 m long speed boat, we will arrive at Gili Biaha, a rock in the open sea.

On the open sea side of this rock, a slope drops to a depth to deep for divers to exploe. The slope is covered with beautiful stone- and soft coral, which remain small but sturdy because of the permanently present current. Because of the rock's exposed position facing the open sea it offers a fair chance for big fish encounters including grey- and whitetip reef sharks which most times can be observed while asleep in a cave.

The rock side facing the beach drops in a 45 degree angle into a depth of 60 meters plus. Here you may find nurse sharks and black-banded sea snakes. Both dives are drift dives with an attentive boat crew following the divers. Because of it's exposed position in the open sea and occasionally strong currents, Biaha is an outstanding dive site for experienced divers only. Unfortunately this great dive site is not suitable for snorkeling.

Lipha Reef at a glance
Characteristics: gently dropping slope
Visibility: 15-30 m
Current: none to mild
Coral growth: stone- and soft coral
Fish life: many small varieties of reef fish
Highlights: fantastic sandy beach and tasteful barbecue

Gili Biaha Reef at a glance
Characteristics: rocky steep slope in the open sea
Visibility: 20-40 m
Current: medium to strong
Coral growth: beautifully grown with stone coral
Fish life: all varieties of reef fish
Highlights: shark cave, fair chance of big fish