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lifeline diver safety system

Safety is always our first concern:

We of course have oxygen on each trip But also some binoculars for the boat crew
to search for dives, and most of all we are the 1st dive operator in Indonesia which uses
Nautilus Lifelines (A water prove radio) so the diver’s can communicate with the boat
crew as soon as the group surface.

Dive Site - Manta Point

dive bali tulambenManta Point One of the most popular dive sites of Bali is located on the South side of Nusa Penida and is one of the few dive sites in the world where you can meet relatively safe Manta Rays (Manta Birostris). The crossing from Padang Bay to Nusa Penida with the dive boat takes about 1 hour. In windy conditions the sea can get a little rough and extend the trip a bit. The dive site is situated in a small bay. It’s protected by a large rock from the main current.

Therefore hardly any current is present. Due to the location Manta Point is, however, freely accessible for the waves and we might have to expect mild to heavy swell. Most of the dive is spent at about 10 meters or shallower, so we are definitely affected by the possible swell. As you descend about 100 meters from the shore one can find a relatively flat expanse of sand at 12 – 14 meters before it rises slightly towards the shore. Near the shore are scattered large boulders, which one of them was chosen by the Manta Rays as their cleaning station. Here in Bali Manta Rays are not seasonal and can be found at the cleaning station with high probability. In the event that you have some time to bridge till the Mantas appear, one can while away the time by observing a collection of the usual colorful reef fish, blue spotted stingrays and the occasional nurse shark.

Manta Point at a glance
Characteristics:           small sandy bay, large rocks
Visibility:                     7 - 20 m
Current:                       no current, mild to heavy swell
Coral growth:               hard- and soft coral
Fish life:                      some variety of reef fish
Highlights:                   very good chance to encounter Mantas

Practical information:
Dives:                           2
Departure time:            7:30 a.m.
Arrival time:                 ~ 17:00 p.m.
Transport-Price:           See Pricelist
Included:                     transport, boat, soft drinks, Dive guide, lunch on board